The Phantom project was designed as a townhouse that can blend in harmoniously with any urban environment, such as Upper East Side or Kensington. The glass-framed facade on the street side opens up a shared staircase to the individual apartments. Living space is directed to the courtyard, hidden from prying eyes. While working on the project, the Client turned his gaze to sunny Dubai and claimed something like a "city villa". Phantom is a case when an urban project can easily be transformed into a residence on the coast, or remain itself among the stone jungle.
Facade options - Gray Ghost / Nighthawk.
Cabinet, Carpanese.

Kitchen, Henge.

Bedroom, MisuraEmme.

Lounge and bar, Henge.

Wardrobe room, MisuraEmme

Guest room, Casamilano

The option of a panoramic bathroom, a rooftop pool, as well as common spa areas in the general style of the project is on - demand